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Providing customers with the best of online shopping experience and service is the goal of ETSYCART. Apart from selling quality products we ensure full security of data and information that are collected from the customers .Whenever any customer intends to buy items from ETSYCART they are asked to submit a few basic and personal details which will help us to gain knowledge about the customer as well as make sure that the items that they shop are delivered to the right address. We at ETSYCART value the privacy of the customer and understand that in today’s digital world if any personal data gets leaked it can cause a huge damage. Data is as important as money and losing any of it can cause danger both to the customer in person and to his/her saved wealth. As we run one of the most successful online stores in US we make sure we employ the best cyber security experts in our team who will make sure that no data is lost intentionally or unintentionally.

It can be guaranteed that all the data collected by ETSYCART from our customer’s is stored with the highest possible internet security. No employee without the rightful authority is allowed to get access to the data and we do not indulge in selling, renting or giving away your data to any individual or organization without your permission. Exceptions are only made when the law of the land requires our help with the data and there is some kind of charge being set against that particular customer.

Apart from personal details like name, DOB and address various card details are stored with us to make shopping easy for the customer. We provide highest form of security to those details and as we understand that leakage of such data will lead to a huge loss therefore any unauthorized individual is denied access to the same. As requests are sent to the bank to confirm payment the data collected from this party is also guarded with the most secure application and software for we do not want to publicize and customer’s bank account status and details.

Apart from it we often collect data from browsing history of our website but any particular customer. This is done so that the next time he/she visits our website we can present the items of their liking in the first go and make their shopping an enjoyable experience. Knowing our customer’s preference and liking helps us to make development in our business and grow in the field of commerce. In no way are these informations misused by any individual for their personal benefit or to harm our customers.

We at ETSYCART take full responsibility of the data collected during the registration and login phase that a customer has to submit on our request. We have confidence in the security provided by our technical team and assure that your data is safe with us. No sensitive data is stored permanently.