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30 Days Returns
Within 30 Days after delivery

30 Day Return Back Guarantee
We take responsibility of quality and damage of every product we sale. We just want our customers have happy, safe and convenient shopping experience. If you don’t find our products up to the mark, then you are allowed to return them within 30 days. Our customers should be 100% satisfied with our products. You may return products within exchange or full return. We don’t charge any penny or a restocking fee for returns like other retailers.
We want you to have happy experience while buying products from us. You are allowed to return products within 30 days for a full refund of the purchased item without any problem or questions. If you find any manufacturing or quality defect/issue, products can be returned
If reverse pickup is successful, we can initiate the process but if it is failed after 3 attempts or more than 2 weeks after the refund request, the refund request will be cancelled.

Our Return Process
When we receive your returned product, we process your new item or refund process. Once our QA department review and return it, we come to know about the wear tear signs, damage, dent and any other. If we find these signs of damage, we deny accepting this return or exchange. All damaged products are non-refundable.

How To Prepare A Return?
We have made the return process easier. If you have any size or material issue and you are not going to use the product, you can initiate return/refund/exchange process. Returning any product needs to follow some steps. You can connect with us to know the further process. You can find refund/return option on your order, so you can start the process easily.
Additional Guideline:
You need to keep the product safe and secure
You need to initiate refund/exchange request ASAP
You need to keep the tags and original packaging safe
You can click the images of broken or damaged products if you get from our side
You can write us, if you have any complain with us
What you can return?
You can return each and everything you buy from us. If you have ordered it from our site, you are allowed to return it within 30 days. If there is any manufacturing defect, you can claim refund/exchange. Once we receive it in our warehouse, we will exchange it without wasting time or asking any questions. You have to return the product with original tags and packaging that it was shipped with.

How long will the return process take?
It all depends on the time when we get the returned product and what time out quality analyst team take to check the product. Time may vary. Sometimes you may get refund easily within a week or sometimes it may take more than 15 days. We want only happy customers so we keep our services simple and quick.